Host a SeneGence Party to Earn FREE and Discounted Products!

Host a Party

When you host a SeneGence Party with Lips by MRS, you have the opportunity to earn free and discounted SeneGence products.

Take a peek at our Hostess Rewards:

2019 Hostess Rewards with Michelle Slape.jpg


  • What types of parties do you offer?

    • Home Party – if you are local to Fairfield, CA you can opt to host a home party. With a home party, you invite the guests and offer light refreshments and snacks (optional). I then provide a short demonstration about our products before your guests enjoy testing the products on their own. Home parties typically last 2 hours.
    • Facebook Party – Facebook parties run a duration of 3 days through a Facebook event. You invite the guests and I do the work. Your guests have the convenience of viewing the posts when they are available.
    • Catalog Party – if you would like to host a party but are not able to host a home or Facebook party, consider hosting a catalog party. I provide catalogs and order forms to hostesses and they obtain orders.
    • Office Party – if you are local to Fairfield, CA you can opt to host an office party. Use your lunch break or after-hours to share the SeneGence products with your co-workers.
    • Demo – if you are local to Fairfield, CA you can opt to host demo by inviting 3 friends to your home to try the SeneGence products.
  • Do you provide the hostess with tips on how to have a successful party?

    • Absolutely! As we get closer to your party date, I will send you a Hostess Coaching document that offers tips on how to have a successful party.
  • What does an average hostess reward look like for hostesses?

    • My hostesses typically earn 2 free colors and 20% off their personal order.
  • Are there a lot of expectations for a party hostess?

    • My primary expectation is that you are involved in the party. I would love to see you commenting, sharing selfies of you wearing SeneGence products and engaging with your guests. They may not know me personally so they may be hesitant to trust me. They will believe in your testimony and that will encourage them to try the products for themselves.

Ready to Schedule Your Party?

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